N. Toronto Veterinary Behaviour Specialty Clinic

2974 King Road
King City, ON L7B 1L6



Required Equipment (Your Puppy Kit Bag)


This list is not optional; please make sure you have what is on the list for all classes/sessions.


Six-foot lightweight REGULAR leash (no flexi/extendable leashes, please).


Harness - preferably an H-style or vest-style harness. EasyWalk and Sensation-type harnesses are not preferred but are acceptable. Some examples are Aspen Pet Nylon Harness (H Style) or the Haqihana Harness.


Treats training pouch. This can be a fanny pack, a climbing chalk bag, or a dedicated dog treat pouch. You should be able to have it attached to your waist without difficulty. Please do not bring big bags of treats in their original packaging, ease of access is important, and the sound is distracting! This is why the training pouch is needed. Hands-free!


Treats - Soft treats are best as they can easily be broken into small pieces and leave less mess. You will need MORE THAN YOU THINK! Small means really tiny. Like…just a tiny little taste! Bring at least two CUPS worth!


Mat – please use a piece of a yoga mat, bath mat, or any similar, non-slippery material that will remain stationary on the floor and be a visual target for your dog to lay down comfortably. Please, no blankets or towels.


Stuffed frozen Kong™ toy or Toppl or another long-lasting and interesting FOOD toy.


A water bowl for your puppy. We prefer them not to share!


TWO identical smallish soft toys or small tug toys (the flat non-stuffed kind work great)


WE WILL NOT BE USING ANY AVERSIVE COLLARS OR TOOLS IN CLASS. This means no choke chains, prong collars etc.