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Veterinary Behaviour Specialty Puppy Classes

We offer puppy classes as a way to help owners start right. Puppy classes are not about basic training; there will also be time and place for that. Instead, puppy classes are about preparing your puppy and you for a successful and happy future together. Puppy classes are about socialization, learning, managing fears, and giving you the tools to help your pup.

Puppyhood is an important part of life, mainly as the pup develops. The brain and senses develop rapidly during the first several months of life, especially the first four to five months. At this time, puppies lack negative experiences in life and are receptive to new experiences. This is why you should take advantage of this time and teach your puppy anything you would want it to do or know as an adult dog.

During the first several months of life, fears emerge and may become the seed of future problems. We want to address those and help reduce and manage fears in the future. Like children, puppies lack the knowledge and ability to delay gratifications. It is essential to manage and mitigate this tendency as it may develop into future frustration-related behavioural problems.

During our puppy classes, we cover these topics and more. We start with understanding socialization, learning, and identifying signs of problems. This knowledge will help you address possible future problems. Your puppy will also learn life skills helping it to cope with future situations such as walks, meeting new people and dogs, grooming, veterinary visits, and new environmnents. 

This class is about experiencing new things, basic behaviour skills and a little play. It is meant to be fun….and challenging, so come prepared to have some laughs, love on your pups, and learn new things.

The required equipment is listed on the next page. So make your pup a Kit Bag and be prepared for each class! See you soon.

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