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Breeds and Pet Selection
  • For our guide to pet selection counseling, please visit the Pet Health Section of our website, click on articles and then click on General Small Animal where you will find a handout entitled Behaviour - General - Selecting a Pet - Guidelines.  Dr. Landsberg also offers pet selection consultations to help guide you through the selection process and help you to get started off right.  Please call our office if you wish to schedule a consultation and receive a copy of the pre-selection questionnaire.  Below you will also find some links to sites that provide information on breeds and pet selection

Temperment Testing
  • There are a variety of Good Citizenship tests (see links below) that have been established to determine if your pet has a healthy temperament, as well as specific tests to determine if your pet might make an appropriate assistance or therapy dog.  While these tests are a good place to start; few, if any of these test have been effectively validated so that they do not insure that your pet will be safe or free of behavioral problems in these situations.  Therefore, make yourself responsible for knowing the risks and warning signs of fear and aggression in your dog and do not place your dog in situations where it might become frightened or cause injury.

Good Citizen Tests  

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