N. Toronto Veterinary Behaviour Specialty Clinic

2974 King Road
King City, ON L7B 1L6




When You Arrive!

Your puppy should be on their leash. Please respect everyone’s space. Some puppies may not feel comfortable greeting others yet. There will be areas set up for each puppy. A space for your mat and bowl will be next to the chairs.

It’s best to take a seat or alternately walk around the perimeter of the room so your pup can investigate the space we will be working in. If your puppies meet, please lure your puppy away with a treat. Some puppies will be shy and need more space; this is why intros should be made at playtime and organized in a way to keep everyone comfortable. We will cover meeting on a leash in class.

Use your rewards, your voice, or a toy if you need to distract your puppy from another puppy.

If your puppy is shy, fearful or reactive, (or even if YOU are), please let us know ahead of the first class, and we will make advance arrangements to ensure everyone's comfort by adjusting how you enter or where you wait.

If your pup is excessively stressed (fearful or even overly stimulated) we will attempt to change their behaviour through management of the environment. Failing that the class may not be a good fit for your pup and we will arrange for private sessions to work through the issues present. This may incur extra costs. It is not a failure on anyone’s part. Individual puppies need to be given what they need to succeed.

 ***Please bring your vaccine history and waivers to class***


During Class

Please keep your puppy in your allotted area/mat at all times unless an exercise is being done as a group. Since the pups will have high-value chews and treats available, be aware that they may GUARD their items against other puppies and that by keeping your pup in your designated area you are keeping everyone safe, including your own puppy. Remember that bad experiences with other pups and dogs can be difficult to overcome.


Missed classes

This is a limited series of 7 sessions. If you must miss a class, please let the head trainer (Maggi Burtt) know by TEXT at 416-884-3647. We may be able to organize a short catchup, but ultimately it is your responsibility to attend classes, and makeups will not be available unless an entire class is cancelled/doesn’t occur. There will be handouts and such available to enable you to catch up.

Homework and Handouts

There will be reasonable amounts of homework/practice to do for class. Puppies do not learn the skills IN class they learn them in life. Please try and make time to work with your pup. They are learning all the time; make sure it’s what you want them to learn! Handouts will be made available via email. Classes are really about training the HUMAN to train the puppy!


Check List!
One Puppy

Waivers and Permissions

Go bag of Supplies

Pouch and EXTRA treats

Leash and Harness

Sense of Humour!